The Best Hairstyles for your Face Shape

Posted by on September 12, 2012

A Woman’s hair is her crowning glory. Unfortunately we can’t all be talented hairstylists and need help along the path to finding the perfect hair cut for us and an equally capable stylist to deliver it. For those about to venture into finding the ideal style to take to the hair salon, here is a guide to help you on your way. The truth is that the shape of your face dictates what you can do, for example, we all know that not everybody can pull off a pixie cut. Fear not – whether you face is round, oval, square, heart-shaped or you want to hide or play down a feature, there is a perfect hairstyle for you.

If you have a round face, go for the layered look. Round faces typically exhibit wide cheeks and soft features – a celebrity example would be Cameron Diaz. The key to highlighting the proper features is long, layered cuts. If you focus on short layers up front that gradually become longer towards the back you will find the perfect shape for your face. Avoid hair that is one length  – it can accentuate the roundness of your face – and skip the full bangs, it will appear too severe. If you decide you want to go with bangs – stick to light, side swept locks that will soften the shape.

If you have an oval face, feel free to try out what your heart desires. Oval faces can rock just about any hair style – particularly the elusive pixie cut. For a celebrity example, take a look at Jessica Alba. If you have been contemplating going for a short style, you have the right shape to experiment. If you want to draw attention to your cheekbones or hide the length in your face-  try layers or waves, the only place to avoid them is on your crown. To all the oval faced girls out there – don’t be scared to take a risk, you can pull it off.

If you are a heart-shaped gal , your face is typically wider at the top and ends in a point at the chin. Not sure if you’re heart shaped? Take a look at Jennifer Aniston. Your best friends are your bangs. Bangs play down the width at the top of head and accentuate your eyes. You can try full, straight cut bangs or you can play with side swept, layered bangs that fall around your cheeks.

If you have a square face, your features are angular and your shape is wide. A great example of a square face is Katie Holmes.  You are going to want a soft and layered do. If your desire is bangs, go for the side swept layers that add movement around the corners of your face. Stay away from blunt bobs and full bangs as they have a tendency to make your face appear boxy.

If you know what you can pull off but are unsure how to hide a large forehead or to take attention away from large features – the answers are simple. If you are trying to hide a large forehead, go for bangs. Not only do they hide your forehead but they make your eyes stand out. If you want to draw attention away from the nose, avoid centre parts and go for a softer side part. Still want a pixie but your face shape says otherwise? The key is small features. If you find you have something you want to deemphasize – steer clear of the pixie. Remember the key is to head to the best hair salon Mississauga and really explain to your stylist what you want done.  Bring photos if you can – but your hair texture may also limit what is possible.

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