Hair Trends for 2012

Posted by on June 1, 2012

If you have long hair and are looking to get into the new trends for 2012 – here they are. First on the list is the long and bouncy blow out. Inspired by the big gorgeous hair from the 70’s, this volume enhancing hairdo is on the top of the list. For a more elegant look, try out some homemade curls. They are soft but radiant curls that add a dose of the feminine. If you want something trendier, lazy side braids are all the rage. No perfect uniform braids here, the loose and wild locks are in.

If you have mid length hair, a double French twist might be for you. It is popping up all over the runways and offers a vintage yet highly feminine look. The wet chignon look is for those in need of a relaxed yet versatile style. Don’t worry, it is not actually wet, it just gives the illusion of beach moist locks. For the messy and carefree look, go for the piled and pinned hairstyle. It sits between stylish and effortless  anddoesn’t require complex tools – just bobby pins.

For those of you with short hair or who are looking to get a short haircut, there are two styles emerging as the top contenders for 2012 hair trends. The mod bob is a throwback to 60’s fashion, inspired by women such as Twiggy. It is feminine and chic, and well – who doesn’t love a good revival? The second contender is the rock crop haircut. The pixie is slowly being replaced by a shorter fringe that airs on the androgynous side.

If you are interested in sporting one of the hottest hair trends for 2012, don’t hesitate to visit a hair salon where an expert can help you find the right style for your texture and face shape. The experts can create a style then show how to take care of it at home.  Hair will only look its best if you keeping it healthy and fresh with quality hair products and regular grooming. Make your hair say something in 2012 – heighten that confidence and head to your Mississauga hair salon or hair salon Oakville.

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