Hair Removal for Men

Posted by on July 27, 2012

Hair removal has become a growing trend over the past few years. More recently, men are also opting for the same hair removal rights as women. No longer is hair removal for men reserved for the swimmers and body builders — “regular” men are doing it too. Unlike women, men tend to find themselves confused as to how to go about this hair removal process. Here are the basics every man should know about successful hair removal.

There are several options to removing that unsightly hair. Here are the best ways for men’s hair removal. They are listed from cheapest to most expensive, and are also in order of least to most permanent results.

  • The most simple and cheapest method is, of course, shaving. This is best used on the face (obviously), the back/shoulders, and also the buttocks. While it is the simplest method, it can also cause in-grown hairs or nick you in the wrong places– ouch. Be sure to lather up with a loofah in the shower and shave in the direction of hair growth.
  • Another more straightforward option is depilatory creams. These creams take a few minutes to work once applied, dissolving the protein in the hair causing the hair to fall out. This is best used on the same areas as shaving. Avoid using this product on the face, i.e. the eyebrows or on the genital areas, as it may cause slight redness or irritation due to the harsh chemicals.
  • A third option is waxing. This method has been around for years and is tested and true. It can also be used on all parts of the body. The hair will not grow back for about 2 weeks, which is longer than using shaving/depilatory creams. Waxing can be done at home, but we suggest you go to a professional.  Look for a men’s salon that offers specialized products and experience with men’s hair removal – particularly the back and chest.
  • Our next option is men’s laser hair removal.  A little pricier, this method gives near-permanent results. The light kills the hair root but not the follicle, making it hard for the hair to grow back. Men tend to prefer this method to our next option, electrolysis, as it allows the hair to be thinned out rather than completely removed. Laser hair removal is best for the chest, back, shoulders, and the genital area. The advanced method of hair removal uses intense pulsed light which safely and effectively reduces hair growth by precisely targeting the melanin in the hair shaft.  It destroys the hair bulb and follicle with heat, yet leaves the skin around the follicle unharmed.
  • Finally, the last method is electrolysis. This procedure actually kills the cells that make hair, providing permanent results as the hair will never grow back. It is a time-consuming and more painful method, but works wonders on small areas where you want hair gone for good such as that unattractive uni-brow.

If you have never tried a hair removal procedure before, it is best to start with a less permanent method such as shaving or waxing. Trimming is also a great way to just clean up certain areas. An electric razor works well to shorten the hair on your face, chest, back, or buttocks, without taking it completely off.

If you are tired of shaving and waxing, you may want to save up and invest in a more longer-lasting option such as intense pulsed light hair removal or electrolysis. Be sure to speak with a specialist to discuss what results you are expecting and which areas you would like to treat. Don’t forget to get a clear answer as to what it will cost.  Multiple treatments may be required, but the results will be much longer lasting with less re-growth.

Hair removal for men is not the most pleasant or comfortable experience, but the results are worth it. It is finally time to get rid of that over-bearing chest and back hair. You will look and feel groomed and put together, and with this brings confidence that people will notice.

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