Hair Extensions Oakville Mississauga

Posted by on October 21, 2011

Many people wish for the type of hair they see on models, actresses and famous people.  They see long, flowing locks and lament their own short hair.  What they don’t know is that many of these stars actually have hair extensions.

Today’s hair extensions are so natural that it is often hard to tell them from real hair.  Hair extensions are available through professional salons that can last for months and look like your own hair.  The best quality hair extensions are made from real human hair, and can be died to match your own hair.  Hair extensions can look totally natural, or be bold, artsy and dramatic.  They can be added, layered and colored to create the look you want.

What many people don’t realize is that hair extensions are often added for thinning hair.  Adding extensions to hair can create a much fuller and healthier appearance.  Since they can be precision placed, more volume can be added to the front, sides, back or over the whole scalp.

The key to getting hair like the rich and famous is to find a salon that with the right products and expertise.  For hair extensions in Oakville, we recommend Fortelli Salon, a main distributor for Euro SoCap – probably the best hair extensions available.  These extensions come from Italy and are made from natural hair. 

Says salon owner Renato,  “This unprocessed, natural hair can be blended in with your own hair with our advanced color matching process or you can choose from 81 colors.  The extensions are attached to your natural hair strand by strand so they not only look natural, they feel natural too.”  

Properly applied, the hair extensions can last for months.  You can swim, shower, play sports and more – as if it was your real hair.  The extensions can take hours to apply, but most clients feel it is worth it for months of beautiful hair.  For hair extensions in Mississauga, visit the sister Fortelli Salon.  

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