Your Guide to Electric Fireplaces

Posted by on July 7, 2015

fireplace simply electricDo you love the added warmth that a fireplace offers in the dead of winter? Do you appreciate the lovely ambience that comes with a fireplace in a home? Don’t be fooled, but electric fireplaces aren’t a ‘cheap’ or ‘ineffective’ version of the real thing. Quite the opposite. In fact, they offer a host of added benefits that you simply won’t get with a traditional or gas fireplace.

Ease of Installation

A wood burning or gas fireplace needs to be installed by ripping out a part of the wall, and installing gas vents or a chimney in order for the fumes to ventilate out of the home. A electric fireplace doesn’t require this. All you have to do when you come home with your new fireplace is find the right spot, plug it in, and enjoy! That is why electric fireplaces are perfect for apartments, condos, cottages, basements, offices – even boats!


A wood burning fireplace has an open flame that has its obvious dangers, and a gas fireplace is extremely hot to the touch. These can pose real hazards for anyone coming in close contact with the fireplace. An electric fireplace, on the other hand, is not hot to the touch, and is therefore a much safer alternative to traditional versions. There are no gas fumes emitted and no clogged chimneys or hot ash left over.

Ease of Use

Most electric fireplaces come with a remote control. With one button, you can turn your fireplace on or off – much like a TV. Plus, most models have additional options – like heat only or lights only. Therefore, you can have the ambience of your fireplace in the summer – without adding heat to the room!

Low Maintenance

Fireplaces that burn firewood for heat require a lot of maintenance and clean up, from managing the cleanliness of the fireplace itself, to chopping and hauling in firewood, to cleaning out the chimney on a regular basis. With electric fireplaces, the only maintenance required is the odd dusting job!

Flexible to Fit Décor

Electric fireplaces come in many designs to fit almost any space and décor. Tight on space? Why not get an entertainment unit that combines an electric fireplace with a TV/entertainment stand. Looking for a modern touch? Get a thin electric fireplace that you can hang on the wall. Want a traditional focal point? Go for an electric fireplace in a mantel. There are many different sizes, styles and colors to choose from – making electric fireplaces much more decorating friendly than standard fireplaces.

Energy Efficient

Gas and wood burning fireplaces expel heat that is often lost through the chimney or ventilation system. Alternatively, electric fireplaces heat the specific room where you place it, without any lost energy. When you’re done with it, simply turn it off! This makes for a highly energy-efficient option which is both safer for the environment and better for your pocketbook!

Cost Effective

As stated above, the fact that the unit is very energy efficient means that it will cost you less to run it. Energy efficiency while saving money sounds like something that just about every home owner would appreciate. They are also practical because most can be relocated to another room or another home when you move.

Ready to Buy?

When you’re ready to buy modern flames fireplaces, Simply Electric Fireplaces has everything you’re looking for. From high quality products, to knowledgeable customer support, to affordable prices, there’s no need to look anywhere else to buy modern flames fireplaces other than at! Go online today for a huge selection and have your electric fireplace delivered right to your door!

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