Grout Looking Grimy? Here’s What You Can Do

Posted by on August 19, 2015

Tile grout cleaning cleaner TorontoIf you’ve got tiles in your home or business, no matter how well you keep up with the cleaning and the mopping, you will probably still wind up with grimy grout. So why does this happen, especially after regularly maintaining the flooring?

Here are a few reasons:

Age – As tile and grout ages, it’s inevitable that the colors start to fade and discolor, both on the tiles themselves and the grout. Regular cleaning is simply no match for sunlight, pedestrian traffic, wear and tear, etc.

Dirt from shoes – There’s no getting around the tile and grout getting dirty from grime coming from outdoor shoes. Any amount of traffic on the tiles will quickly discolor and dirty the grout.

Water and moisture –Certain rooms, especiallythe kitchen, bathroom and entry ways to outside, moisture can be a problem for the flooring. Microscopic organisms can seep into the porous surface of grout. Stains can come from water, slush, road salt, wine, cooking oils and more.

Food particles – Even the smallest food particles on the grout can get stuck in the porous surface and bedifficult to remove. While bleach-based grout cleaners are helpful, many times they are not enough to get rid of this grime.  If your grout is a color other than white, bleach can cause discoloration and your grout won’t match.

Mold – Wet areas grow mildew and mold if they are left untreated for a long time. It’s critical to seal the grout and use cleaners that are specifically designed for this type of surface.

Soap – Soap and soap scum can easily develop in showers and bathtubs where soap is typically used. The suds that clean your skin can actually build up in corners and in the tile grout, causing discoloration.

Make Your Tile Look New

Many times the typical cleaners available to you at your local grocery store are simply no match for some of the tough built-up grime that develops in tile grout. You’ll have to use plenty of elbow grease in order to rid the grout of the grime that’s causing unsightly discoloration.

Tile grout cleaning cleanerTo deep clean tiles and grout, use a trusted professional tile grout cleaning company who can also re-stain grout so tile looks newer and more uniform.  One highly recommended company in the Greater Toronto – Greater Hamilton area is Steam Works Carpet and Tile Cleaning.  Their highly trained and licensed professionals use powerful truck mounted equipment to clean both residential and commercial tiles and carpets.  They offer professional grade cleaning equipment and ‘green’ cleaning solutions that are both tough on stains while remaining gentle to surfaces and the surrounding air.

Before you spend a lot of money replacing flooring, let the experts at Steam Works refresh and renew your carpets and tiles. Visit today and finally rid your grout from grime with their professional cleaning services or call their friendly staff at 905 334-2917 for an appointment.

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