Green Peel Facials

Posted by on September 16, 2011

You may have heard the buzz about green peel facials but weren’t sure what makes them different or where to get one in the Greater Toronto Area.

Green peel is an actual peeling process that removes the dead and damaged skin, revealing newer, brighter skin underneath.  This medically developed biological facial process consists of herbs and natural plant extracts including aloe Vera, marigold, horsetail, water horsetail, chamomile, and several types of algae in addition to extracts of ribwort, lungwort and pansy.

For best results, the skin should be deeply cleansed and exfoliated before the peel is applied.   Green peels can help correct forms of hyper-pigmentation caused by sun exposure as well as restore skin suffering from elastosis caused by sun damage.  Scars can be diminished, including ones from accidents, burns and acne. 

If you have enlarged pores, follicular hyperkeratosis or a generally coarse complexion, the green peel can also improve your skin’s appearance.  The benefits of the green peel treatment have successfully been proven worldwide, and can even help seborrhea due to poor circulation.  For severe or difficult problems, several peeling processes may be necessary to achieve the desired results.

You can find estheticians specially trained in administering the green herbal peel facial at Fortelli Salon and Spa in Mississauga.  The spa offers facial treatments, skin care products and intense pulsed light therapy to help you get beautiful, healthy skin.  You can reach them at (905) 824-4949.  For an Oakville facial, contact Fortelli Salon and Spa on North Service Road at (905) 847-0706.

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