Gift Cards Perfect Gift for the Holidays

Gift cards make perfect gifts for the holidays.
Posted by on November 21, 2013

Are gift card the perfect gift?  Well they certainly are convenient and the recipient can buy whatever they like from the card outlet.  But there is a dark side to gift card giving to be aware of both for gifters and recipients.

Beware the Unscrupulous Cashier

Be sure that gift cards are actually activated when purchased – and not just billed to you.

Be Sure The Store Matches The Recipient

Almost 10% of gift cards go unredeemed in part because the recipient either forgot about it or does not like the store associated with the gift card.

Card Restrictions

Watch for the restrictions on some cards that have overly restrictive redemption options or relatively short expiration dates.

Downside to Gift Card Value

The recipient will know exactly how much you spent on them – so watch those $5 gift cards!

Beware of Losing the Card

Gift cards are small, so they can easily be lost or misplaced by gifters and recipients alike.  There are many gift cards out there that expire unclaimed. (and yes many gift cards do expire).

Still with all the proper precautions, gift cards can make flexible and convenient gifts for the holidays.

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