Do Your Floors Reflect A Professional Image?

Posted by on July 18, 2013

Maintaining Your Business’ Professional Image with Clean Floors

Considering all the traffic that your business gets between your employees and the patrons that visit on a daily basis, imagine all the dirt and germs being trekked into your establishment! All the debris from outdoors is regularly being trudged onto your flooring from this constant influx of traffic people. Even if you mop regularly, the dirt from outside can get ground into your tile and grout, causing discoloration and stains. The last things that customers want to see is a nasty floor!

tile grout cleaning companyNot only that, but all the dirt imbedded into the flooring can become airborne and actually be a health hazard for anyone who spends any time in this space. A simple vacuum or mopping job simply won’t do the trick in removing all this dirt, debris and germs that have built up in your floors. If you are in a food service or health related business, it is particularly important to keep your establishment sanitary.

Set a good impression and present your business in a professional manner by keeping your floors clean and germ-free. This means that regular maintenance is required, as well as the occasional deep cleaning. As a busy entrepreneur, the last thing you have time for is cleaning your floors!

You Don’t Have the Time – Let the Pros Do It For You!

As a business owner, one of your best investments includes enlisting the services of professionals who can take care of tasks that are outside your main competence. It makes sense to hire a business tile grout cleaner who has the experience and skills necessary to come into your establishment and get your floors sanitary. Steam Works is a professional cleaning company that specializes in a variety of commercial cleaning jobs, including tile and grout cleaning, VCT strip and wax, carpet cleaning and more.

Their technicians are certified and have been fully trained on effectively cleaning tiles and other flooring surfaces. They use powerful truck mounted equipment and can do a grout color change to make floors appear cleaner and newer.

Steam Works offers special rates for clients that set up a service schedule, but can also do one time cleaning services. Commercial carpet and tile cleaning is available on a 24 hour basis to minimize the disruption to your business. Contact them today for a quote at 905 334-2917.

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