Fit Kids – Oakville Tweens Inspire Kids Around the World

Posted by on October 18, 2011

Childhood obesity has become an epidemic, with over 25% of Canadian kids currently overweight or obese.  Two tween girls from Oaville learned about this disturbing trend in grade 5 health class and wondered why adults weren’t doing anything to help kids.  They decided that they wanted to offer a kids helping kids solution, showing that being ‘fit is fab’.  The girls, Katrina and Sloane, asked their parents to help them make a website and youtube channel dedicated to fitness and nutrition.  In July, 2009, Fit For A Feast was born – but the girls never expected it would go this far.

Both fit kids themselves (competitive dancers, trained gymnasts and sports enthusiasts) the girls make videos teaching others dance moves, gymnastic skills and how to make easy and nutritious recipes.  A little over 2 years later, the girls have racked up more than 21 million video views and have fans that span almost every country on the globe.

The message may be the same about exercising and eating right – but the delivery is what inspires kids to get off the couch and get moving.  The girls simply show how much fun they have doing what they love best, and other kids feel inspired.  “Most kids want to know how to do this stuff but not everyone has the money or opportunity to take lessons.  We are happy to share what we know,”  says Katrina (12 years old).  Sloane (13) says, “It made us really sad to hear kids are getting sick and 1 in 3 are getting type 2 diabetes.  We want to reach as many kids as possible and try and make a change.”

Their fans write over 2000 messages a week on their youtube and facebook pages and they currently get over 50,000 views a day on their videos.  Fans send video requests, fan mail and  inspirational tales of how they have started exercising or eating right.  The girls say they have no plans to stop making videos – especially with such a long ‘to do’ list.  They hope to one day get a sponsor or grant so they can expand the videos and program, which their parents have funded to date.  “We want to reach as many kids as possible and really make a difference in the world,” says Katrina.  “We can’t believe how far it has come so fast.  We even have teachers using our videos in their classrooms as far away as New Zealand.  It is incredible!”

To learn more about kids fitness and nutrition, visit their website at or their youtube channel:

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