Facing Divorce? Think Arbitration

Posted by on July 1, 2013

divorce arbitration Oakville MississaugaFacing Divorce? Protect Yourself Through Divorce Arbitration

If you are contemplating divorce, you should know that you have options when it comes to dissolving your marriage. You should also know that there are ways to make the divorce process quicker, less stressful, and less expensive than traditional court settings. If you are looking for a more civil way to end your marriage while protecting your best interests and the interests of your children, then divorce arbitration Oakville Mississauga just might be for you.

How Does Arbitration Differ From Mediation?

Divorce arbitration is somewhat similar to mediation, where a neutral third party is involved, such as your family divorce lawyer. However, the two processes differ in that the third party does not make any final decisions in mediation, whereas, they do have the final say in arbitration. Divorce arbitration is a viable option if negotiation or mediation does not settle matters.

Why Choose Arbitration?

Many families choose arbitration because of the advantages it provides them over divorce court. Since there is much less time spent in court litigations, both time and money can be saved. Rather than dragging out details of the marriage in front of a judge, the separated couple can reach a resolution much quicker through arbitration, and save themselves from unnecessarily prolonged periods of stress during the divorce process.  Arbitration works well for families trying to move on to a better tomorrow as there is some willingness to cooperate.

Spouses are also given the opportunity to select their arbitrator, rather than being sent in front of a judge they do not know. Spouses can set the rules to follow during arbitration, giving everyone much more control and flexibility over the entire situation.

Talk to a Family Divorce Lawyer About Arbitration

Explore everything there is to know about divorce arbitration by speaking with an experienced divorce lawyer, like Diane Daly, who is trained as a divorce arbitrator in Ontario. Diane has been helping families amicably dissolve their marriages for years, and always has the family’s best interests at hand. She cares about her clients, and does everything she can to have the process go smoothly so that the divorce can be finalized efficiently and with as little stress as possible. Find out more about arbitration, and contact Diane and her team at www.DalyLaw.ca today or (905) 844-5883.

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