Easy Tips to Become a Homeowner in Montreal, Quebec

Posted by on April 19, 2012

I want my own home. I am tired of paying rent each and every month only to help my landlord pay off his house. I want my own house and that was my motivation to seek out tips to become a homeowner. That is how I learned about rent to own homes Montreal. For the first time I actually feel closer to my dream of being a homeowner.  Home ownership seemed to be just for people with money, or great credit. Owning a home should be in everybody’s reach, or at least that is how I feel about it. I deserve to own a home too.

When I learned that there was a rent to own homes Montreal option, I felt hope. It has been a while that I can remember feeling hopeful about anything. But searching out tips to become a homeowner really helped me see that this is really something that is in my reach.

If you have bad credit, you probably won’t find a mortgage lender willing to grant you a mortgage – at least not at a decent interest rate.  Another option is to put down a huge down payment, but if you do not have enough money to do this – you will not qualify for a traditional mortgage.  If you keep watching home prices rise and feel you will never be able to enter the home market and will be destined to pay rent all your life – then rent to own is the answer for you.

There are reputable companies, like Muxaro, that specialize in helping people become homeowners through rent to own programs.  They walk you through the steps – you get to choose your dream home within your price range.  They look at your income, debts, and expenses and help you determine a monthly payment that you can realistically afford.  They make sure the home is purchased at a fair market value, that it is structurally sound and without liens or issues (things that many first time buyers get stuck with).  You get to move into the home right away, and can make improvements –knowing the home will one day be yours.  The lease term is determined and you make your regular monthly payments.  Part of the payment goes towards your down payment for when you buy the home.  The price you will buy the home for once the lease period is up is pre-determined.  Any increase in home prices above that price will belong to you – so you can start earning equity before you even own the home!  Once your lease payment is up, they help you get a good mortgage at a low interest rate, since they help you get your credit in order during the lease period.

Before, I only thought owning a home was for other people but I know better now. I know that there are steps that I can take that will get me closer and closer to owning my Montreal home. Now I have something that I am shooting for and it will be mine soon enough.

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