Divorcing? Protect Yourself and Your Family’s Future

Posted by on August 16, 2013

female divorce lawyer Oakville In the Process of Separating?

Going through a divorce is a difficult time for all involved. When there are children, the entire situation becomes even more difficult and challenging. Matters needing to be resolved in the separation agreement, including the division of property, debt, business assets and child custody, may make the entire situation seem totally overwhelming.

That’s why it is imperative that you get a divorce lawyer on your side that will not only protect you and educate you on your rights and responsibilities, but offer you understanding and care with respect to your well-being and the well-being of your children.

Moving on to a Better Tomorrow

If you are a female that is facing divorce in Greater Toronto and surrounding areas, you might feel more comfortable having a female divorce lawyer Oakville handling the process. Divorce lawyers can help you understand your options when dissolving a marriage. Some of the ways to proceed with a divorce include the following:

  • Negotiation
  • Collaborative family law
  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Court

You have choices when it comes to divorce. You don’t necessarily have to go through a nasty litigation process only to have a judge make the ultimate decisions for you. There are other ways to settle marital matters in a divorce amicably and respectfully, where all parties have more control and flexibility. Maintaining a level of mutual respect is important, particularly when children are involved.

One highly respected lawyer in Oakville is Diane Daly. Diane has over 25 years of experience helping spouses go through divorce. Diane specializes in alternatives to divorce court through various proceedings like arbitration or mediation. She encourages mutual respect by utilizing effective problem solving approaches. If you are facing divorce, give Diane and her team a call today at Daly Law, and settle matters as amicably and effectively as possible.  Learn more about divorce mediation, arbitration and collaborative family law at www.oakvillelaw.ca or call for an appointment at 905 844-5883.

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