Divorce Mediation Ontario as Alternative to Court

Posted by on August 1, 2012

What is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation in Ontario is an alternative approach to settling separation issues and dissolving a failed marriage. Many times ex-spouses go directly to court with their divorce proceedings without weighing the other options available to them to end their marriage. As stressful as divorce can be, divorce negotiation, mediation, or arbitration can be viable options for divorcing couples.

Divorce mediation is a method of ending a marriage outside of divorce court. Instead of having a judge sort out your marital issues for you, divorce mediation allows the ex-spouses to sort these issues out themselves so that each party is satisfied with the outcome. This voluntary process is highly confidential, and involves a mediator who will help each party settle their issues reasonably.

How Divorce Mediation Helps All Parties Involved

Many people have heard horror stories of messy divorce battles being dragged through the court. This can be incredibly stressful and emotionally disturbing for all parties involved. Divorce mediation in Ontario is an alternative method that does not involve a judge or a court, and helps ex-spouses settle their marital issues as calmly and respectfully as possible. This method is especially helpful when it comes to children, who more often than not end up carrying some of the burden of a divorce. Mediation can help lighten the load off of these kids who have already been through enough with the separation of their parents.

In a mediation situation, an appointed Mediator will be present during meetings between divorcing couples, and  help to facilitate the entire divorce process to allow each party come to a solution that all parties can agree to. Any emotional tension present between parties is alleviated with the help of a professional mediator, who usually has legal training to answer questions regarding precedence and procedure.

Getting Help From a Professional Divorce Mediator

Diane Daly is an experienced divorce lawyer who has helped countless families end their marriages in a more cooperative and respectful manner.  Diane is trained in Collaborative family law as well as negotiation, mediation and arbitration.  With over 20 years’ experience in family law and mediation, Diane can help you avoid the trauma of divorce court. With the help of Diane and her team, you and your spouse can reach an agreement, end your marriage amicably, and move on with your lives with a renewed perspective. Call Diane and her team today at (905) 844-5883.

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