Divorce Lawyer Oakville – Alternatives to Divorce Court

Posted by on September 1, 2011

Going through a divorce is one of the most stressful events a couple can experience.  If children are involved – the stakes and the emotions can be even higher.  Parents will want to act with the children’s interests in mind, to prepare for the future and minimize the emotional trauma.

Divorce lawyer Diane Daly has been practicing in Oakville for over 20 years and has seen the effects on families that go through divorce court.  There are alternatives, including negotiation, arbitration, and mediation, as well as collaborative practice (also known as collaborative family law).

Collaborative family law takes a more dignified approach to divorce and helps couple avoid long and difficult battles in divorce court.  In collaborative family law, both sides commit to creating the separation agreement, with the help of their collaborative family lawyers and any other experts that may be required, including financial experts and family specialists.   This approach preserves the long term family interests using cooperation and communication.

Issues that will be addressed in a separation agreement will include the following:

  • Division of Property
    Division of Debt
    Spousal Support

If children are involved, the following must be addressed as well:

  • Custody of the children
    Child access – including their residential schedules
    Child Support
    Ongoing and future child related expenses – responsibility/contribution

There are a number of different processes by which the above issues can be addressed and included in an agreement guided by Ontario law.  Diane Daly informs her clients of their rights, responsibilities and options so they can make the best decisions.   

Using a collaborative approach to divorce encourages problem solving and mutual respect to help families on the path to a better tomorrow.

For a collaborative, dignified approach, call the divorce lawyer in Oakville who can show you an approach that keeps you in control of the process  outside of divorce court.  Call the team at Daly Law today (905) 844-5883.

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