December 21, 2012 Doomsday Predictions a Hoax

Dec 2012 end of the world
Posted by on December 19, 2012

Every once in awhile, Nostradamus, the Mayans and even the Hopi get together for some pretty outlandish predictions in our media.  Nostradamus was a French seer who lived from 1503-1566.  He may have thought he could put an end of the world prophecy in place and position himself as a prophet, but he failed to consider mass communication and did not have a Twitter account when he made the predictions.  He does hedge himself in 1566 by saying “I do but make bold to predict, not that I guarantee the slightest thing at all…”

The demise of the world was originally predicted for Dec 24, 2011 but then reset to Dec. 21,2012 at 11:11 GMT.  The Mayans predicted demise back on Aug.11, 3114 B.C. but their demise came alot earlier than that.  Just because the year 2000 did not bring on the chaos predicted, does not mean the consipiracy and doomsday theorists are at rest.

Just in case there was something to it, I went to “the official website of Dec 21,2012” and wanted to see if there is a slight chance things may go sour on the 21st.  Well, rest easy everyone, because I happened to get a peak at some Google ads that the author was running next to his content.  Since I know Google will only pay for those ads in January, it is safe to say nothing will happen in Dec.  If the author truly believed in his own writings, then there would be no need to run ads for which payment was only forthcoming in January of 2013 if the world would be no more.

Since this is the internet, the content may be around for a very long time, so I will make a bold prediction here for 2517 and again 4 billion years later.
Prediction 1:  In 2517  on 7-7 at exactly 7:77 GMT, the Great Squirrel will rise from his roost in the Northern Hemisphere and cast the Great Shadow upon the Earth.  Twitter will temporarily be down and flashlight sales will skyrocket.  Then the Great Mongoose will do battle in the skys above and emerge victoriously, narrowly escaping the certain demise of the Earth.  As the sun comes out again and Twitter is back up, the people of the Earth will know that it is I that predicted just this.   Philosophers may interpret “The Greeat Squirrel” to be a comet and the Great Mongoose to be part of our military shield defense.

Prediction 2: The sun will burn out in 4.57 billion years and the Earth will be destroyed.   Now I’m thinking, this one may be true, so the world will end. But in 4.57 billion years from now it is also inevitable that our socities will have gone on to inhabit other planets to avoid wiping out the human race, so although the inevitable destruction and doom of this planet may be cast in stone, go on about your daily lives in Oakville and enjoy the holiday season!


It may be the case that one way airfares have gone up recently, but for most of us, the 21st will come and go as any other day so that is my prediction…  I could be wrong.


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