Dancing – The Key to a Fun and Active Lifestyle

Posted by on June 15, 2012

Living an active life is important for individuals of every age, especially children. Children who participate in extra-curricular activities learn the importance of team work, the benefits of achieving personal goals, and how being active can be fun and rewarding. Participating in dance classes is an excellent way to learn a new skill, stay active, and have fun! Whether you are an adult looking to spice up your free time or a child looking for something to be a part of, dance classes are great for any age.

Creative Edge Dance is Burlington, Ontario’s newest cutting edge dance studio. Creative Edge is a bright and spacious facility, complete with 4 studios that promote inspiring messages such as “Believe in Yourself” and “Imagine”. The studio is located on the second floor with lots of windows to offer you panoramic views and plenty of natural light to dance your heart away. The 4 dance studios – named Believe, Imagine, Dream, and Achieve, are equipped with floor to ceiling mirrors, a sound system, and hardwood dance floors. There is a practice studio and stretching room to get yourself warmed up before class and a clean eating area for snacks to keep you motivated and healthy. Worried about your child missing valuable homework time for dance? There is a quiet area complete with homework tables so that your child can study up after school. Have kids at home that make it hard for you to enjoy the simple things in life? There is also a play area for infants and children to have fun while you do your thing.

Creative Edge offers a wide selection of dance classes such as creative movement, ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, acrobatics, and lyrical. Each class focuses on a different dance genre.  Classes are divided into four different streams, depending on your dance needs. There are open, drop-in classes that you can pay as you go; recreational classes with a performance opportunity at the end; semi-competitive street style program and a competitive dance program for the more serious and dedicated dancer. Each style offers something different, whether it is developing rhythm, teaching acrobatics, building high energy, learning co-ordination, or the classics of ballet and tap.

Still not convinced dancing is right for you or your child? Here are some extra bonuses you can expect from partaking in dance classes:

Dancing is fun. You have seen plenty of people dance and surely you have tried a little on your own. If you are unsure of your ability – don’t be! Dance classes are there for you to learn and improve upon your abilities, not to make you feel bad about yourself. This brings us to the next benefit – confidence. The confidence and self-esteem that children and adults gain from dance is irreplaceable. It will make you stand tall and give you the ability to perform in front of others without hesitating. Dance classes are an excellent way to meet new people in a comfortable setting. Kids meet friends who share the same interests. Socializing, learning group numbers and performing together is a great way to spark new bonds.

The health benefits are pretty incredible too. Dancing is cardio but fun and exciting. By dancing away to your favourite songs, you are staying fit, increasing your lung capacity, and keeping that heart healthy. Dance aids in the prevention of osteoporosis and arthritis by keeping our bones and joints active and lubricated. If you’re not interested in sports and find running to be a bore, you can’t be bothered to do every day, dance is your weight loss answer. Not only does it keep the kids exercising regularly but it allows you to stay active and keep that weight off. Dancing increases circulation, improves your stamina, and burns those calories. Try something new and take a dance class at Burlington’s best dance studio today.

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