Commercial Carpet Tile Cleaning is Important For Your Business

Posted by on August 16, 2012

Your Business Deserves Clean Floors

Flooring in commercial areas, including offices, retail stores, airports, restaurants, and movie theaters, is often the victim of tons of traffic from people coming in from the outdoors with shoes filled with dirt and germs. Considering this heavy traffic that tends to bring in all sorts of culprits, it is inevitable that the flooring within the premises will become not only dirty or stained, but also unsanitary and filled with germs and odours. Keeping up with regular cleaning maintenance, as well as the occasional deep-cleaning, would prove to be almost impossible for the average business owner or operator.

As such, it’s essential that business owners, particularly those in the food or service industries, are able to rely on reputable and reliable commercial carpet tile cleaning companies, like SteamWorks.  They  not only offer regular janitorial services to keep the flooring clean at all times and on a regular basis, but also offer deep cleaning for those who need an occasional deep cleanse.  SteamWorks’ certified cleaning technicians use deep cleaning tools and machinery to blast out the grime that tends to lurk deep within the tile and carpeting.

Getting Years of Grime Out of Your Carpets and Tiles

Businesses that experience a lot of traffic with outdoor shoes will inevitably have dirt and grime deeply embedded within the fibers of the carpeting, tiles or grout. Only professional equipment, tools and cleaning products will do the job necessary to get rid of these germs and dirt.

The experts at SteamWorks have an inventory of the best and most powerful equipment that they use to blast out years of grime build up on flooring. Any type of stain, impurity, mold, soap scum, grease and other matter is no match for the powerful, state-of-the-art equipment that SteamWorks technicians use to deep clean your floors. Not only that, but they also offer cleaning solutions used are eco-friendly, and are mildly scented – you don’t have to worry about breathing in nasty chemical odours after your floors have been cleaned!

When it comes to commercial carpet tile cleaning, trust the experts at SteamWorks to restore your flooring back to its original self. The impression of clean floors on your business will be appreciated both by your patrons as well as your employees. Call SteamWorks today at 905 334-2917, and see the difference that these professionals can make on your flooring!

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