Take Charge of Your Finances in 2014

Posted by on February 18, 2014

home equity loan OakvilleStart the New Year Off Debt Free With Home Equity Loans

You put a lot of your hard earned money into your home, diligently paying your mortgage payments every month, on time and in full. Such payments take a huge chunk out of your finances, as homes are typically the largest expenditures for Canadian consumers.

Since you work so hard for your house, why not let it do a little something for you?

Home equity loans allow home owners with a certain amount of built up equity in the home to utilize that money for large expenditures that they may require or to pay down high interest debts. If you have college tuition fees to pay, a car purchase to make, a vacation to finance, or even an emergency situation that needs to be taken care of, you might struggle to come up with all these funds in full. With a home equity loan, you can take money out of your home equity to finance such expenses in full.

The interest rate you’d be charged is considerably low, as lenders consider such loans quite secure, and therefore the default risk is low. For this reason, lenders are more apt to offering lower interest rates on such loans. If you have credit card, store card or other debts that are at high interest rates, you can borrow at low interest rates to pay down those debts and save hundreds or even thousands on interest each month. Plus, you can consolidate all the various payments into one payment each month – one that is generally much lower – to help with cash flow.

Call the Experts in Home Equity Loans Oakville

Why not consider such a home equity loan Oakville to help your family finance some of life’s biggest expenses? To see if you qualify, get in touch with Lee Anne Taylor of Home Loans Ontario. Lee Anne and her team have been helping numerous families in Oakville take advantage of home equity loans to free up cash flow for whatever they need or want. She’s an unbiased, professional, experienced, independent mortgage advisor who looks out for her clients’ best interests. They’ve helped others, so why not let them help you?

There’s no obligation, and nothing to lose by simply contacting Lee Anne at Home Loans Ontario. Go online at www.HomeLoansOntario.ca today for more information! You can reach her at (905) 336-8948.

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