Carpet Care Tips

Posted by on September 3, 2012

Keeping Your Carpets Clean

Whether you have carpeting in your home or your office, it will need to be cleaned and vacuumed on a regular basis. Proper cleaning and vacuuming will keep your carpets looking lush and healthy, and will also extend their lifespan. It’s very important not to overlook the maintenance of your carpets, especially considering how many times they are walked on over and over throughout the day. Not only that, but removing any dust will improve the air quality within the space.

Cleaning Carpets Yourself – Common Problems

Anyone can vacuum a carpet. However, some businesses have vast wall-to-wall carpeting that is subject to lots of traffic and vacuuming often isn’t enough to keep the carpets clean. Employing the services of a commercial carpet cleaning company Oakville can easily take care of this for you.

For deep cleaning, the do-it-yourselfer may actually do more harm than good. Here are some common risks associated with deep cleaning your carpeting yourself:

Over-wetting – Novice carpet cleaners have a tendency to use too much water when cleaning their carpets, therefore allowing too much water to soak through to the base of the carpeting. This can cause damage to the carpet, and cause discolouration in those spots. Depending on the type of material the carpet is made out of, there is a risk of the carpet shrinking slightly due to the overuse of water. The backing and pad of the carpeting are very hard to dry – failure to thoroughly dry these can result in mold and mildew build up, which is a hazard.

Over-shampooing – It’s hard to determine how much shampoo to use when cleaning carpets if you are not familiar with this practice. If you use too much carpet shampoo, or do not rinse the shampoo thoroughly afterwards, you can damage your carpeting. If shampoo is left in the fibers of the carpet for too long, there is a risk of build up of soapy residue, which is almost impossible to get rid of.

Neglecting to protect the wet carpeting from the furniture – Furniture that is placed on carpeting that is not thoroughly dry can actually stain the carpet. If your carpeting is still moist after cleaning it – and you think it’s totally dry – the dyes from the furniture can ruin the carpet. In addition, any metal feet from furniture can begin to rust when in contact with a moist or wet carpet for an extended period of time.

People think they are saving money by cleaning their carpets themselves, when really they are doing more harm than good. Nothing beats the efficiency and thorough cleaning like the services of a professional carpet cleaning company.

When to Call in the Pros

Deep cleaning a carpet really should be left to a professional carpet cleaning company, like SteamWorks. The technicians with SteamWorks have been trained and certified in properly cleaning carpets. They use powerful, truck mounted equipment to give the carpet a thorough cleaning, and use the appropriate cleaning solutions that are strong, yet will not leave a chemical smell afterwards. Trust the experts at SteamWorks – call today at 905 334-2917!

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