Cancelled Oakville Power Plant Costing Millions More

Stop the Power Plant Oakville
Posted by on March 15, 2013

No accountabililty and millions of hard earned tax dollars out the window.  Surely a mistake has been made.  Whenever something is cancelled and a large payment is due anyway, then the person or group of people that made the decision were wrong and made a mistake. Their judgement was clouded, they jumped into a deal without enough research, or a list of other reasons why including bad luck.  When it is your own money, you take the lumps and learn from your mistakes.  When you are dealing with tax payer money that has been entrusted to you, isn’t there accountability?

A recent Toronto Sun article suggests that:”The cost to cancel an Oakville gas plant could be almost $600 million higher, an independent expert told a Queen’s Park committee Wednesday.” Many questions will swirl around as we are just finding out about the true damage to our pockets by those few that made a mistake.

No doubt, it is not easy to be entrusted with millions of dollars and then blow it, but if that is done in the private sector, usually heads will roll and people get fired or are even made to repair some of the damage personally.

This power plant should have never been suggested in the first place.  Sure we all need power, but a 5th grader could have told them that a power plant does not go in a populated area, especially not one on a lake where there are million dollar plus homes. It just doesn’t make sense..  There is so much land north of Dundas – fields and fields of land just blocks from the suggested location.  Does it really take millions of dollars to figure this out?

Also, who are the recipients of millions of dollars for work never completed (or really even started).  Assess this, and analyze that and draw this and discuss that – all this jibber jabber then brings about a very large bill that could go to much more important economical needs for both Oakville and Southern Ontario.

Government seems to be lowballing the figure at 230 million dollars spent on this vapour-plant.  Now certainly, none of this was done on purpose so that millions of dollars get spread around to special interest groups, then is it just ineptitude? or just bad luck.

We bloggers are mere outsiders and don’t have any of the facts, or are not privey to the inside workings of government, but when a mistake is made and millions more are gone with no benefit to the region, it seems nobody is accountable for bad deals and huge losses.  Let’s take another 100 million of taxpayer money and buy some lotto tickets!


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