Buying Home in Markham Ontario

Posted by on September 16, 2013

Markham, Ontario is a great city north of Toronto that is very popular among those who work in the city and downtown core, yet like to live just a little outside the busy life of downtown Toronto. There are plenty of amazing neighborhoods in the town of Markham, which are perfect both for those who are looking to plant roots to raise a family, as well as young couples just starting out. The commute to Toronto is relatively quick, making Markham a convenient location to live and a great place to call home.

Call an Independent Mortgage Broker to Help

basement finishingLike most Canadians, getting approved for a mortgage is essential in order to be able to finance a home. Having all your finances in order, and understanding what you can comfortably afford is critical to ensuring that you are able to make your monthly mortgage payments without having to be ‘house poor’. An independent mortgage broker should be your first stop before you start looking for a home with a realtor.

Mortgage Medics helps home buyers get approved for a pre-approved mortgage to help them finance their Markham properties. The team at Mortgage Medics have helped families find their home in Markham, Milton, Burlington, Mississauga, Vaughan, and all other GTA area neighborhoods.

Jerome Christensen is one such mortgage broker on the Mortgage Medics team that has dedicated his career to helping families apply for and obtain the best mortgage for their specific needs. In addition to low mortgage interest rates, the terms and conditions of the mortgage are equally important.  He can discuss your current and future needs with you to determine if you should go with variable rate, fixed rate or a hybrid mortgage Markham.  Want to be mortgage free faster?  They can show you options including accelerated payments, lump sum payments and more.  Understand closing and carrying costs before you start shopping for a home so you know what you can comfortably afford.  They can also handle secured lines of credit if you anticipate renovations, basement finishing or other expenses you will need to cover once you buy the home.

Get Jerome at Mortgage Medics on your team, and let him help you find a lender that will work with your needs, provide you with the funds you require, and offer you the lowest interest possible to help you save on interest payments and build up home equity faster.  You only fill out one application and they shop it across lenders throughout Canada to fit the best mortgage product for your needs.  They can save you thousands – and it costs you nothing to use their services!

Call Mortgage Medics today at (905) 847-6611 and get the ball rolling on your mortgage process!

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