Buy a Quality Small Hot Tub

Posted by on March 24, 2012

Small hot tubs can provide you will all the comfort and relaxation that most larger models can provide, for a fraction of the price. Many of them often have the same or similar features of larger hot tubs, but are made to fit in smaller spaces, for just a couple of people. There are many top quality brands of small hot tubs available on the market for your purchase and enjoyment, such as those manufactured by QCA Spas.

You Can Be Confident in the Quality and Craftsmanship of a QCA Hot Tub and Spa

QCA Spas is one of the oldest manufacturers of spas and hot tubs in the USA. With their reputation for advanced technology and innovative features on all their tub models, they provide their consumers with top-of-the-line convenience and comfort. They’ll save you money on energy costs with their efficient heat recovery system.

Small 1, 2 or 3 person hot tubs made by QCA are easy to set up and install. It’s as simple as filling it with a garden hose and plugging it into a standard 110 or 120 volt electrical outlet. That’s it! Relax and enjoy the serenity of warm, bubbling water as your back and legs are massaged by the strategically placed jets that are powered by an energy efficient 3/4 HP hi-flow pump.

Their tubs are manufactured to perform efficiently all year long, and the programmable filtering cycles help to keep these spa hot tubs low maintenance. The top side electronic controls allow for easy operation from inside or outside the spa.

For comfort, you will enjoy the extra leg room thanks to the generous depth (despite the compact size), as well as bi-level bucket seats with arm rests. In addition, you can keep the water clean with fewer chemicals by adding an ozonators that are available with QCA Spas.  Further customize your spa by adding LED lights or a rocking built in WOW stereo system.

Their Microban bacterial protected Lucite acrylic interior shell is of the highest quality, which is resistant to cracking, tearing, leaking and fading in color. QCA Spas are built with high tech components and are guaranteed with a comprehensive warranty. Not only that, but you can save big with their free shipping on any spa!

Discover the amazing quality of QCA Spas today!  You can buy quality small spas online with ease by going to


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