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Posted by on March 6, 2015

Turning You Onto Electrics

Electric Fireplaces: More Efficient and Affordable

Having a fireplace in the home is a great way to not only add warmth, but ambience too. But there are different types of fireplaces out there, from the traditional wood burning versions to gas to electric models. Out of these, electric fireplaces are the most efficient and least costly.

Here are some reasons why an investment in an electric fireplace may be the right choice for your home:

Electric fireplaces don’t need to be vented – Unlike gas fireplaces and wood burning versions that need to be vented outside of the home, electric versions do not. This means that there is no heat lost through a vent or chimney. With electric fireplaces, there is no combustion, which requires no venting. This means all the heat stays in the room you want heated.

Electric fireplaces create heat separate from the flame – Gas fireplaces require natural gas to create the flame, which creates heat whether you want it or not. With electric fireplaces, on the other hand, the heater and flame are independent of one another, which means it can be turned on or off while the flame stays on. Only light bulbs are powered when the electric fireplace is running without the heater turned on, which means very little power is needed to run the electric flame.

Electric fireplaces are more effective at zone heating – In seasons when you don’t need the heat as much as in the winter, such as in the fall or spring, you can lower the amount of time that the furnace is run by powering your electric fireplace in the morning and night. After you’ve reached your desired temperature, you can turn the fireplace off. If gas fireplaces are left running, they may trigger the central heating system to turn off in the rest of the home – which will make other rooms cold.

Gas fireplaces burn a lot more gas than homeowners typically want – This fact puts a limit on their practical use. Electric fireplaces, on the other hand, offer the amount of heat that is needed for the room without burning excess energy to heat the rest of the home where it’s not needed. It costs a lot less to run the LED bulbs that come with an electric fireplace compared to the gas needed to burn to create a ribbon of flame.

Buy Electric Fireplace Add

Electric Fireplaces Can Be Installed Virtually Anywhere

Many people who live in condos or apartments can not add a fireplace if it does not already come with the unit.  Electric fireplaces need no special installation or venting, so they do not require a permit and can be added virtually anywhere.  They are also great for offices, outdoor (covered) seating areas, restaurants – even boats!

The Best Electric Fireplaces Online

There are many brands and styles of electric fireplaces.  Some are wall mount units, some come in traditional mantel styles and others may be part of a space saving entertainment unit.  For the best selection, go online to www.  They have a huge selection of top brand names like Modern Flame, Dynasty, Green Way and others.

One of the top name brands in electric fireplaces is Dimplex.  You can find a huge selection of quality Dimplex electric fireplaces online – to fit your style and space. Simply Electric Fireplaces will ship your choice model right to your home in Canada.

Another very popular and stylish brand of electric fireplace is Amantii. These versions are made with the highest quality materials and workmanship. Now you can buy Amantii fireplaces online via, a reputable online supplier of electric fireplaces for consumers across North America.

Visit their virtual showroom today to browse their models and buy electric fireplaces online!  It really is the best way to add warmth, ambience and style to your home!

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