Benefits of Massage Therapy Mississauga

Posted by on August 27, 2012

Massage therapy is a luxury that awards our bodies with many benefits. Having a relaxing massage once in a while can truly rejuvenate and relax the muscles after a hard day at work. Escaping to a salon and spa, such as Fortelli’s in Mississauga, can provide you with the perfect oasis in which you can take advantage of the many benefits of massage therapy Mississauga.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

A massage provides the body and mind with many benefits. First of all, a massage from a registered massage therapist provides the utmost in relaxation, which is probably the main reason why most people go for a massage. Loosening up the muscles can help to release toxins and hormones, and can also lower stress levels. Having a massage can also relieve any discomfort in your muscles and joints that have succumbed to aches and cramps.  Many insurance plans cover the cost of registered massage therapy.

Improvement of blood flow and circulation can be achieved with a regular massage therapy session, which can not only reduce pain and inflammation, but also improve flexibility and your muscles’ functioning abilities. People who have undergone regular massage therapy treatments have reported a reduction in symptoms of chronic disabilities.

In addition to relieving physical pain and stress, a massage can also enhance one’s mental clarity and efficiency. Reducing mental tension permits you to function more efficiently, and have a clearer mind. Massages can reduce tension headaches, and allow you to have a better ability to concentrate.

Visit a Massage Therapy Clinic

Fortelli Salon and Spa does not only provide expert hair, makeup, spa and nail service. They also have three registered massage therapists on hand to provide you with the ultimate in massage therapy. These experts are skilled in various types of massage, depending on your needs. Whether you choose a relaxation massage, stone therapy, or Thai massage, you can expect to walk out of the spa after a massage feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Maximize your massage therapy session with the use of soothing aromatherapy oils, relaxing lighting, and an ambience that promotes relaxation and comfort.

Book your massage session today, and see why clients keep coming back for more at Fortelli Salon and Spa.  Visit or call (905) 824-4949 for an appointment.

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