Bathroom Remodel in Oakville -Mississauga

Posted by on September 13, 2011

After kitchens, the most important rooms in the house, for living and reselling a property, are the bathrooms.  Today’s bathrooms rarely resemble the small, cramped tiled bathrooms most of us grew up with.  Now, many master ensuites resemble luxurious escapes with the soothing ambience of an in-home spa.

Granite is the material of choice for the counter tops, much like in the kitchen.  Granite is beautiful, easy to clean and maintain.  Bathroom vanities are often high quality kitchen grade cupboards and drawers that fit all the soaps, towels and lotions you need – maintaining a clean and uncluttered look.

Bathtubs can be sunken, jetted and large enough to fit 2 people, or retro style and free standing.  Showers are generally larger and offer more water features, storage shelves and even seats.  Added luxurious touches can included heated floors or towel racks. 

Carcone Construction, of Mississauga, has remodeled many bathrooms in Oakville.  Owner Jim explains, “Realtors know that remodeled bathrooms can help sell a home.  Homeowners generally see 75%-100% return on investment or higher, for a bathroom remodel.  We do a lot of remodels where we remove a wall or gut and rebuild the bathroom to be completely modern and more functional.”

Carcone has also done many remodels of small bathrooms in heritage homes in Toronto.  “Those require additional skill and knowledge due to the old plumbing, more fragile walls and space constraints.”  With 25 years of experience, Carcone is the company many architects rely on to get the job done the way they envision it.

For a free estimate on having a bathroom remodel in Oakville or Mississauga, call Jim Carcone at (416) 953-5185.

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