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Posted by on August 11, 2015

Amantii electric fireplace CanadaThe Amantii brand of fireplaces offers a variety of modern electric fireplaces and inserts. The style selections range from built-in to console types. These electric fireplaces are a wonderful addition to most any home and also a great alternative to traditional fireplaces. Not only is there no need for wood logs, exterior ventilation, chimney or other major construction, but these fireplaces also have a longer lifespan since they don’t actually burn or use combustible fuel.

Wood fireplaces don’t tend to heat a home as well as electrics since most of the heat from a wood fireplace goes right up the chimney. A draft can also come into your home from the chimney, but since electric fireplaces don’t use them, there is no draft.

Some may refer to electric fireplaces as fake fireplaces, but they also have features and benefits not available from traditional fireplaces.

Amantii electric fireplaceMany electric fireplaces have remote controls for easy starting and the instant ambiance provides warmth to any home.

The Amantii fireplace products are not only used in private homes but also in commercial settings such as offices, hotels, restaurants and stores. A new popular series is the Fire and Ice Series that offers multi-colored flames, white glass surround, 4-stage lighting and diamond fire glass media. These zero clearance fireplace wall-mount/built-in and flush mount models feature a contemporary look. Black glass is also available. Note the difference between built-ins and wall-mounts when searching for the right fireplace for your home.

Built in series include not only the Fire & Ice Series with selectable flame colors, but also the Design Specialties Series, the WM-BI Designer Series and the Artisan Series. Get the right look for your room from a wide selection of styles. The designer series fireplaces are available in both wall-mount and built-in versions and come with LED light or incandescent light as well as a heater with or without a fan. Or eliminate the heater altogether for pure ambiance.

Amantii electric fireplacesWhen selecting an electric fireplace, see which media is included with your model. Some wallmounted fireplaces require some modification of the wall. The size of area needed depends on which model is selected. Don’t put a fireplace right next to cumbustible materials such as curtains, furniture or bedding, but leave at least 3 feet of distance from any such item.

Another style of fireplace is the full frame panorama. These are available in a variety of widths up to 88″ wide.

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