Add Space without Moving – Home Additions Viable Option

Posted by on September 24, 2011

Over the past decades, the trend in housing has been larger homes – with kitchens taking on a more important role as a main gathering and entertaining area.  Formal dining rooms that are rarely used are becoming less important to home owners.  Many people want to add space without moving, so they look to renovate their current space or do a home addition, often to increase the kitchen area.

With real estate prices at a premium in the Toronto area, plus the costs of selling, moving, land transfer tax, real estate agent fees, lawyer fees and more, many people are rethinking their current space and how to make it more functional. 

Older homes tend to be less ‘open concept’ and often are not as bright and airy as a homeowner would like.  Adding an addition on to the back of the house allows for space and light and a feeling of bringing the outdoors inside.  Kitchens can be extended and a bank of windows added.  A cozy reading room, extra bedroom, main floor bathroom and more can be added to create extra square footage in most homes.

Jim Carcone, of Carcone Construction in Mississauga, sees a trend with adding space on to a home:  “Homes are your biggest investment.  Adding that extra square footage – making a dream kitchen- creating more light and functionality – can really add to the value of your home.  Needs change over time and home renovations and additions allow you to change your home to suit your needs.  Many families have kids that move back home, elderly parents, new babies or even home offices so they need more space.  We go look at the home and make suggestions – attic conversions, basement finishing, removing walls and changing rooms or adding on a home addition on the first or second floor.  The newly created space often becomes their favorite area of the whole house.”

Toronto heritage homes can be trickier and require additional expertise.  That is where 25 years experience comes in handy. Carcone  has worked on many homes in Oakville and Missisauga, but also specializes in older homes.  “There can be plumbing or electric issues, thin walls joining neighbors, worn floors and support beams.  It really pays to have someone with experience handling heritage home renovations.”

If you are looking to add more space to your home, call Jim for a free consultation and estimate at (416) 953-5185.  Carcone Construction specializes in home renovations and additions in Toronto and surrounding areas.

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