Accessing Teacher Friendly PBL Units

Posted by on January 9, 2013

teacher friendly PBL unitsProject Based Learning- An Innovation in the Sphere of Education

With the advent of project, or problem, based learning, students and teachers alike can reap great benefits and rewards. Students are more involved in projects that they truly care about and are eager to learn as they solve the problem and prepare their presentation.  Teachers enjoy a learning environment that allows them to help develop critical thinkers for the real life ahead of them.

Benefits of Project Based Learning Units for Teachers

There are obvious benefits to project based learning for students. But there are also plenty of advantages for teachers as well. With teacher friendly PBL units, teachers and educators are given the opportunity to be much more deeply involved in their students’ learning achievements and development. Rather than acting as dictator of information, teachers are more of a resource to students through project based learning.

Although not every piece of information will be remembered years after a lesson was learned, students will still take away a great deal of content through PBL. As a teacher, this will help to provide a great sense of achievement and accomplishment, and a sense of pride knowing that it was through the assistance and guidance of the instructor through appropriate teacher friendly PBL units that allowed students to thrive and become successful problem solvers and critical thinkers.

Accessing PBL Units for Your Classroom

Teachers who are interested in project based learning for their students have the advantage of accessing fully prepared and planned out PBL units that are ready to use. Instead of having to take the time and effort necessary to develop these units on their own, teachers can now take advantage of units prepared and tested specifically by professional educators. One such resource for these project based learning units is the The units developed and prepared by these professionals are complete and focused on the subject at hand, giving the teacher more time to focus on developing the skills of their students instead of developing the unit itself.  The units are grade based and come complete with rubrics for assessing the projects and presentations.

The has unique, ready-to-use learning units for instructors and students of grades K-10. Start using project based learning units today and realize the full potential of your students!

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