10 Steps to Home Ownership in Montreal

Posted by on August 27, 2013

10 Easy Steps to Owning a Home in Montreal

Are you struggling to secure a mortgage for a home? Have the banks turned you down for a mortgage because of your poor credit or your lack of sufficient funds for an adequate 20% down payment? Don’t fret – with the help of a professional firm like Muxaro in Montreal, you can make your dreams of owning a home a reality!

Become a home owner faster than you ever thought you could with the help of the Muxaro team.   Muxaro is experienced in helping Montrealers with rent to own homes. With these 10 simple steps, you can become a home owner through Muxaro’s rent-to-own homes program!

rent-to-own homes program1) Call Muxaro today and speak to one of their professionals;

2) Have your financial situation assessed to see what you can easily and comfortably afford.   You will need approximately 5% as a down payment and good income.

3) Get pre-approved to shop for the home of your dreams in one of Montreal’s many wonderful neighbourhoods;

4) Have your home inspected by a home inspector to ensure structural soundness of the property and avoid first time home buyer mistakes

5) Have Muxaro’s team negotiate on your behalf to get the lowest price, and set up your lease to own contract.

6) Move into your home, and decorate it as you please to make it your own, and increase its value at the same time!

7) Make your monthly payments in full and on time, which will help build equity in the home (a portion of each payment goes towards your down payment) and improve your credit score at the same time;

8) Qualify for a mortgage after your lease period has ended with your improved credit score;

9) Opt to buy the home at the pre-determined price, or simply walk away with no obligations!

10) Start making mortgage payments instead of lease payments, and finally be a homeowner in the great city of Montreal!

Since the home price is pre-determined when you sign the contract, you will benefit from any rise in home prices above the agreed upon price.  You can earn equity before you even buy the home!

The team at Muxaro has all the resources you need to get over the challenges of attaining a mortgage and buying a home with rent to own homes. Don’t hesitate – call Muxaro today stop making your landlord rich!  Start on the path to financial security and home ownership by calling 1 514 225 6706.

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